Exploding into 2012, looking back on 2011

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What do you do with a Catering company that far exceeds your expectations and in 1 year grows leaps and bounds? You do what those that are driven to continue to blow minds do; you exceed it yet again – so 2012 WATCH OUT!!!!

Love this and will follow these guidelines:

We have already started 2012 with a BANG and have brought an amazing talent to our fantastic team as Catering Manager. Can’t wait for everyone to meet her!

Received a compliment today and had not looked at myself in this light – I was called an artist today and never actually realized how true that is, Catering with a Twist will embrace artistry and showcase this throughout 2012.

The word “Creative” might be over used, but we strive to truly bring this to the table – literally.

Looking back on 2011 and how much we have accomplished and changed, it blows my mind. Starting 2011 with an introduction Open House, showcasing our creativity and outside the box approach, ending the year with a booming wedding & holiday season. Then ALL the amazing people we have met, the insansely-outstanding vendors we have had the honor of working with and ALL the beautiful clients! We truly look forward to 2012 and creating more relationships with outstanding people.

Creativity is our focus for 2012!!

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