WHAT we do and WHO we are……

We are “Catering with a Twist”, catering to just about any catering experience you desire! Embracing the creative aspect of everything we do, in our food, our attire and our food displays.
Would you like your appetizers passed with servers dressed as Cigarette Girls?
Would you like a Hungarian-Russian Fusion menu?
Would you like an authentic Indian menu?
Would you like your wedding on a suspension bridge?
Does your heart desire an 80’s themed wedding?
ALL DONE AND DONE, we enjoyed being a part of each and every event!!

“Catering with a Twist” is based on 1950’s old fashioned heart and honesty; we truly care about our customers, their vision and bringing it all to life.
Our desire is to say “Think Different” – Catering with a Twist is A Deviation from the Norm, with a passion for going outside the box!! The Team Members are taught and encouraged to embrace creativity and the artistic value of all things that we do. Little tidbit about us – we do not like the word buffet, not the most attractive word for our food or displays; you will find us saying “Food Display” as this is what WE do, it’s the design that brings the food to life.

The one and only thing that makes our life easier; tell us your theme, colors and any design elements that you have – this means the world to us and allows us to bring our artistic minds to the catering design of the event. Our love for Pinterest is endless as this truly allows us to communicate with our couples in understanding their theme/design and share our ideas!

On a different note, have you ever thought about hiring a very talented and amazing Planner from your caterer? Well we have the most awesome Planner on-board, her name is Beth Bennett and she ROCKS!! Since we bring as much design elements as possible into the food displays, attire and other aspects of each event – it is imperative to have a planner that assists in making these things happen and seamlessly brings it all together.

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