SteamPunk Themed – End of the World Party

When we were contacted by the client who hired us for this SteamPunk Themed End of the World Party – WE could not have been more excited.  It is the epitome of what we do and who we are, not just the theme because it is different but simply the fact we were let loose to create.

The clients are amazing and have designed an eccentric home with details that would blow your mind.  Gorgeous hand made Face-Fireplace, stained glass windows, dinosaur head, meditation room, insanely amazing library with gargoyle lighting, hidden doorways and YES I said dinosaur head.  O’ which they have now added a shark head with a goofy faced fish hanging out of it’s mouth!  Just amazing…….

Needless to say we had a blast designing SteamPunk Platters, jewelry and customes. 

The menu was to die for……Antipasto Display with infused oils, Asian Station – Spicy Tuna Sushi Rolls, Steak Moo Shu Pancakes and Vegetable Noodles in Mini Chinese To-Go Box with Chopsticks AND Mexican Station – Mini Fish Tacos, Elote, Chorizo-Potato Empanadas and Fire Roasted Salsa.  The menu did NOT stop there as the clients hired Sentelli’s Specialty Cakes to provide an Earth Cake with an astroid crashing into it and themed zombie cupcakes and more…..

These are the parties and events Catering with a Twist simply adore, we love to put our artistic minds to work.  We are looking forward to more fun and outside the box parties coming our way…..

Enjoy all the pictures!

LOVE, Catering with a Twist


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