Catering with a Twist Team Photoshoot – Part ONE!

Out of the ordinary is one of our main-mottos at Catering with a Twist. When it’s possible to do something outside of the “norm,” we take FULL advantage.

With quite a few additions to our core team (read more about our new team here), we decided it was the perfect time for a Team Photoshoot As with everything else, our creative juices started flowing to design the perfect CWAT photoshoot. Who doesn’t love a reason to dress up, spend time with the team and be goofy!?

With our colorful wigs, oversized glasses, and clown noses in hand, we made our way to one of Georgetown’s soon-to-be venues, The Union. Our good friend, Lisa Hause (aka, an AH-mazing Austin photographer) positioned (and repositioned) us, made us giggle and ended up making our photoshoot everything we had envisioned.

Check out the end product of this fun-filled afternoon! First up, our team shots:


What can we say, we LOVE what we do!



Once team shots were complete, individual shots were next. Check out the MANY faces of Catering with a Twist!

Kassie – Boss Lady Catering-with-a-Twist-team-4


Lexy – Executive Chef Catering-with-a-Twist-team


Jared – Executive Sous Chef


Lacy – Event Designer 


Tara – Sales & Event Genius


Meagan – Marketing Manager


And our favorites – the random shots we took throughout the photoshoot. Enjoy!




Be sure to check back for Part 2 of our photoshoot! Hint – there is colorful food (possibly flying through the air at one another) and a TON of laughs involved. You won’t want to miss it!

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