This wedding was so amazing, such personal details and artistic touches throughout!

Best way to show you is pictures – check it out!

When our Extended Family (our brides, grooms, clients) are as awesome as this family – YEP, we got on the dance floor and joined the celebration!

Words from the gorgeous and awesome BRIDE:
Catering With A Twist exceeds all expectations!! Their name is on target – their food is amazing and in addition to great food, their package has such flair in set up and presentation. Their attention to detail shows genuine investment and care for the event. Guests talked about several of the food choices for weeks after the event as some of their favorite items they have eaten Kassie met with us at the event location prior to the big day, even though the event was over an hour outside the Austin area. She also worked with us up to the day before making sure every detail was covered. She inquired about the decorating theme and general decor, and did such a wonderful job adding touches through the catering services and display pieces to tie in and enhance the decorating for the reception. The antique furniture and accessories were perfect and the staff was not only attentive to all catering needs, our photographer captured several pics where they also were able to join a dance or two – love that the team who came to help make the day special – joined in the celebration too!! Kudos and enumerable thanks for making the event such a success and a priceless memorable day!!

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