Travaasa Austin – Team Building

Travaasa – coming from a combination of words meaning “memorable journey” and “travel”, what a place to visit and feel like you are in another world. Where nothing matters except for where you are in that moment, the memories you are creating and the bonds that you are building. It is the fuse of experiences; from Culinary Challenges, Adventures, Mind Building, Fitness, a Challenge Course that will challenge your courage, confidence and fears to an array of relaxing Spa Treatments which neighbors the gorgeous infinity pool that has an exquisite view of the Hill Country.
The heartbeat of CWAT-Kassie (Boss Lady), James (Boss Ladies Main Squeeze and Co-Owner), Lexy (Executive Chef), Tara (Sales Genius) and Jared (Executive Sous Chef) had the pleasure of spending 2-days at Travaasa, with the super tough task of choosing what we wanted to do in those 2 days. So much to choose from, it is really hard, but it is our plan to go back again and again!
Some of the FUN experiences we chose were: Archery (of course was on our list), an Iron Chef Challenge, Mixology a Sunset Watch and Dinner finished up the first day. Then the second day consisted of the Challenge Course, which let’s just say only 2 of the 5 braved the challenge (hints in the pics as to who made it), Lunch and S’mores by the Fireplace, Horseback riding and finished the entire experience with an amazing SPA Treatment.

What an amazing experience and insanely awesome Team Building for the heart of Catering with a Twist. Creative Minds need to revisit life, adventure and relaxation and then WATCH OUT…….

Infinity Pool





Red for Boss Lady

Wooohooo Horses

The only two that made it


Challenge Course


OOOO' Mixology

Insane Sunset

Tara in meditation

Still Kidding

Just kidding

Zen Stone Tower

Zen Stone Tower


Gorgeous View

Lexy Iron Chef Pan

James Iron Chef Pan

Tara&Kass Iron Chef Pan

Iron Chef Challenge

We all hit a bulls eye!


Driving to Travaasa

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